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From the your profile section you have control over the content on your account. From the personal option you can choose if you wish to show the tool bar (the black bar at the top) or not. It is recommended you keep this checked. Proof reading allows you to have My CP & Me proof read your post for mistakes before publishing. Feel free to change these settings to your personal preferences. Post by Email will generate a unique email used for your account posts. With this enabled you can post to the blog by simply emailing the desired text to the address generated for you here. Your username is unchangeable (even if you change your email) but feel free to change the rest of this section (to get a new username you’ll need to make a new account). Under Contact Information you can change your account email (this will not change your username) and add a website if you have one. Under About Yourself feel free to add a personal bibliography. Account management is where you can change your password. To do this click generate password and ignore what is prefilled for you. Enter your desired password and click the confirm box if asked. After that click Update Profile to save all changes. Though My CP & Me doesn’t enforce password rules we recommend your password meet the fallowing criteria to be secure:

  • Has a mix of uppercase & lowercase letters
  • Contains numbers
  • Has at least one symbol
  • Is at least 12 characters in length (the longer the better)


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