Security Guidelines

What’s Included In This Document?

In this guide (“guide”, “terms”, “document”) you will find information on how My CP & Me (“website”, “us”, “we”, “website operator”) protects its members (“member”, “you”, “your”, “user”) and keeps you safe on our service (collectively “website” or “services”) In this guide you shall find a) How We Are Encrypted b) Who has access to what data c) When we DO and DO NOT have access to your account d) The steps and procedures for obtaining FULL access and when such access is justified e) Changes/Amendments and the procedures for doing so


How We Are Encrypted

My CP & Me cares about your security and the sensitive information you provide as such we employ the highest level of security available SSL AES 256-bit encryption. This is the same level of encryption used by banks and other very sensitive accounts, so you can be sure that you actions on My CP & Me are safe, secure, and private.


Who Has Access To What Data

System Administrators have access to (a) viewing your public data (posts, forum posts, etc), (b) resetting your password, (c) overall management of content publically posted to My CP & Me We DO NOT have access to (a) viewing your private messages between you and another member (b) viewing your password after it is changed


When We DO and DO NOT have access to your account

We DO NOT have access to your password after you have activated your account and made your password unique. However, we CAN change it (a) to comply with user request (i.e. lost password) (b) to comply with legal request (i.e. a subpoena) After you have changed your password after a reset ONCE AGAIN we DO NOT have access to it


Steps and procedures for obtaining FULL access to your account

In order to obtain FULL ACCESS to your account we would have to change your password and login as you. Such acts are justified only to comply with law enforcement request (i.e. a subpoena) or when we believe in good faith that law enforcement should investigate your account. Your data will be turned over to law enforcement IMMEDENTLY after your password is changed to allow them unrestricted access. We will NEVER directly access your account and view personal information.


Changes and amendments

This document may be changed at any time. Upon doing so you shall be notified by (a) email (b) a notice on the website. Your continued use of our website or services constitutes your consent to such changes


This document was last updated on April 26, 2017