Why You Should Have A Satchel (or Purse) If You’re In A Wheelchair

Living life in a wheelchair can be difficult. Yes, it is my goal to walk independently or at least with a walker one day and yes, it is going to take awhile. One thing I have found very handy while being in a wheelchair is to carry a satchel, or if you’re a girl, a purse. The reason carrying A satchel has been so beneficial for me is simple, when your strapped in a wheelchair it’s harder to get to your pockets. Carrying a satchel has allowed me easy access to my phone, my wallet, my keys, and whatever else I keep handy. It has saved me time at the store or other places where I would need my wallet because I wouldn’t have to waste time unbuckling to get into my pocket to get my wallet; instead, I would get into my satchel to grab my wallet right there (in about half the time.) Being in a wheelchair means you have to adapt and carrying something such as a satchel is a great way to keep your possessions handy, and cut down on time.

It is true that you may be made fun of (especially if you’re a guy) for doing this, but I promise it will make you’re everyday life easier. If you are made fun of for it, simply ignore them and bush it off because they may not understand that carrying a satchel makes your life easier. As long as it makes your life easier, and more covalent who cares what anyone else thinks.

It is true that satchels (much like purses) can get expensive, but you can find them anywhere you would find a purse. I have had to satchels in my time; the first from Target and then after that one the second from a store called eBags. I highly recommend eBags, because they have good quality products (while some can be rather expensive). If you do decide to go with a nice leather one like what I have yes they are expensive, but they can least you for years or maybe even decades. eBags is also timely and your products come in good condition (at least mine did).

Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been an affiliate of eBags/Target or any eBags/Target employee, nor am I receiving monetary compensation for my review of eBags or Target. I am simply a satisfied customer who recommends their products