Kasa Bluetooth Light Bulbs, and Why They Are A Game Changer For People In Wheelchairs

The Veho Kasa smart light bulb is a revolutionary device, that can change the life of people in wheelchairs. The Kasa bulb works like this: You install the bulb just as you would any other light, then you install the Kasa app to your smartphone. The bulb responds by Bluetooth. The Kasa app is comparable with Apple and Android products.

Here is what the Kasa app looks like on the App Store. To connect A new light make sure Bluetooth is on and then click the “Add bulb” button. The app will do a search for new Kasa bulbs to be connected to your device. To control your light click the “Connected” tab then you will see a list of your connected bulbs; from here you can switch your light on or off. If you tap the edit button (next to the on/off switch) you can change the name of the bulb (useful if you have multiple Kasa bulbs.) If you tap in the long field were the name is displayed you will get a whole host of options including changing the color.

Here is what the app looks like on the Google Play Store

The Kasa light bulb has really changed my life because it allows me to get ready for bed in the light where I can see, and then turn off the light from the app on my smartphone after i’m safely in bed. This is a light that anyone in a wheelchair should have. It’s easy, convient, and safe


You can buy your Kasa bulb by Veho on Amazon


Disclaimer: I am not now nor have I ever been affiliated with Veho or any manufacturer of their products, nor am I receiving financial compensation for this review. I am simply a satisfied customer, and I feel their product can benefit other people as it has me.