Frequently Asked Questions

To find out more please see What is Cerebral Palsy?

Yes, you can find out more about the different types of Cerebral Palsy on the What Are The Different Types of CP? page

You can find out more about My CP & Me on the What is My CP & Me? page

You can find out more about #mycpandme on the #mycpandme page

To sign up for an account please go to the Account Registration page

To change your profile picture or cover photo follow these steps:
1. login to your account
2. Hover over your name in the upper right corner
3. Under the drop down select Profile
4. Next Select Change Profile Photo
5. From here you can add a profile photo or change any existing one

To change your cover photo follow the steps above except instead of selecting Change Profile Photo select Change Cover Image

Abuse is not acceptable! If you experience abuse you should report it. You can report abuse on the Report Abuse! page. You can read more on our abuse policy by visiting our Abuse Policy page

It happens to the best of us. We all forget our passwords from time to time, so what should you do if you forget your My CP & Me password? You should request a new one of course. To request a new password go to the Forgotten Password page and fill out the form below to reset your password. After you request a password rest you should receive an email within 48-hours from with your account email address, and a new temporary password inside. After you receive the email go to and sign in with the login provided to you in the email. After you login on your right you will see a “Profile” link. At the bottom of your profile you will be able to create a new password.

My CP & Me has a vast amount of resources available to you under the Resources tab. Including both Online website resources and eBooks. Under our website resources we have websites for the general population, websites specifically tailored to parents and caregivers, and other blogs about Cerebral Palsy. Under our book resources we have books for the general population available through Amazon, and we have books specifically meant for the parents and/or caregivers of people with Cerebral Palsy. If you find there is a resource we are missing you can Submit A Resource as well.

Yes! You can create your own profile, post updates, and chat with other members in age appropriate chat rooms called “Groups” under the Chat tab

One of the best ways to stay informed about what’s going on with My CP & Me is to Subscribe To the Monthly Newsletter!

Yes, you can find out more on the Contact Us page

Yes, My CP & Me allows you to create your own discussion forum. To do so log into your account. Then, on the side menu you should see “Topics” click on “New Topic” under the “Forums” section

Please read the Terms & Conditions section 2.2 Voluntary Closure of Your Account for a complete step-by-step process of closing your account. If you don’t care to read the step-by-step process you may request an account closure by going to your profile and selecting the “Close Your Account” link at the bottom

Your account is locked by the system administrator, and only the system administrator has the access to lock or unlock an account. Your account may be locked for 1 of 2 reasons (a) you were reported as abusive or as having inappropriate or illegal content on your account. If this is the case the system administrator will revoke your access and open an investigation into your activities to determine if your account should be terminated or turned over to law enforcement. (b) you recently requested your account be closed. If this is the case you will receive an email notifying you that your account is pending closure. If you believe this was done in error or wish to reactivate your account email the system administrator at within a 2 week period of receiving the email

Your account reactivation code is a special code used to authenticate a request to reactivate an account. When you closed your account you should have received an email from with the subject “Account Pending Closure” confirming your account has been shutdown and will be closed in 2 weeks if not reactivated. In this email you should see a link to reactivate your account along with your reactivation code. Please go to the reactivation page (link included in email) and enter the requested information to start the account reactivation process. To reactivate your account you will need (a) your account email address (b) the reactivation code sent to you in the email (c) your security PIN you created at account registration

A security PIN is a 4-8 digit numeric code you create upon registration used to identify you for secure actions. You can find out more on the What Is A Security PIN? page

You can reset your security PIN if you ever forget it. To begin the reset process go to the Request Security PIN Reset page

You can get in touch with me 1 of 2 ways either by filling out the form on the Send An Email page or by emailing I try to reply to emails within 48-hours