The ExoSym: How It Can Help With Cerebral Palsy

Today I want to talk to everyone about a revolutionary device changing the way people with Cerebral Palsy function in society. This device is called an ExoSym. Now, I know what you’re thinking: What the heck is an ExoSym? Well, the basic answer to that question is, the ExoSym is a brace that stabilizes the leg and allows for better mobility. I first came across this device after reading another blog that showcases the device, and I felt I would look into the device and provide my take on it.

According to the Hanger Clinic (an organization which specializes in orthotic and prosthetic services and products), the ExoSym was designed by Ryan Blanck and was formally known by the name Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis (IDEO). The device provides an increase in dynamics and energy to give the user more agility. The device may help with activities such as: running, jumping, and even skydiving.

The ExoSym can give people with disabilities like Cerebral Palsy the increased support they need, and with dedication and patience possibly even the ability to walk. According to a blog called Adventures in Going Bionic the ExoSym costs $9,000 per device and as of 2016 Hanger Clinic is the only place in the U.S. to get this device. The cost includes casting, fitting, and up to 8 physical therapy appointments to learn to use the device properly.

According to Katy Fetters, blogger for Cerebral Palsy Strong which showcases the device and her experiences with it, “The carbon-fiber ExoSym brace(s) consist of a plate customized to the shape of the foot and two struts leading up the back of the calf, connecting to a support holster below the knee. As you step down, the brace redirects weight and energy away from the joints and stores it in the carbon fiber, kind of like a spring. When you push off, the energy shoots back up the struts, helping you to walk, run, or jump. Since 2009, the device has allowed hundreds of people to regain the use of their legs while avoiding amputation and chronic pain.” – Chas McCarty. Fetters came across the device after discovering an article by McCarty, The Story of My Leg.

This life changing device can help people with physical disabilities by giving them the support they need to bring us one step closer to breaking the barrier between the disabled and the physically abled. If you have a physical disability such as Cerebral Palsy (chances are if you’re reading this you do, or at least know someone who does) I urge you to contact the Hanger Clinic to schedule a free consultation to see if the ExoSym is right for you. Who knows, maybe it will change your life. You’ll never know until you try.


Image of the ExoSym device

Image Credit: Hanger Clinic YouTube Channel


Contact the Hanger Clinic by phone: 1-877-4HANGER (1-877-442-6437) option 1 or go to their website to get more information about the ExoSym or to schedule a free appointment