Abuse Policy

Abuse Policy for My CP & Me


This Abuse Policy (“Policy”) describes how My CP & Me (“My CP & Me”, “Website operator”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) protects you (“User”, “Member”, “you”, or “your”). This agreement sets forth the general policies and procedures for abuse provided on the https://www.mycpandme.com website and any of its products or services (collectively, “Website” or “Services”). This policy outlines (a) What abuse is as defined by My CP & Me and what you agree to be bound by in using our Website or Services (b) The procedure for reporting abuse on My CP & Me Website or Services (c) What happens after abuse is reported and how you are protected (d) What happens in the event a false report of abuse is submitted to My CP & Me (e) What are the repercussions and penalties for violating this agreement (and any part thereof) (f) What your acceptance of this Policy constitutes (g) Changes and amendments to this Policy in its entirety (or any part thereof) and the procedures for doing so

I. What is Abuse?

Abuse is defined by My CP & Me as (a) Discrimination (b) Harassment (c) Profanity & Vulgarity (d) Illegal & Malicious Content

A. Discrimination

It is not acceptable to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, or political views on My CP & Me as doing so is a violation of this agreement and thereby warrants the termination of your account

B. Harassment

Harassment is defined as being aggressive or intimidating towards another. Online it is commonly referred to as “cyber bullying”. This act will not be tolerated by any member of My CP & Me.

C. Profanity & Vulgarity

Profanity is defined as using swear words or language as well as “mature content”. Mature content is defined as images or language of nudity, vulgarity, sexy (though not necessarily nude), and anything with the rating “R”. This content is prohibited on My CP & Me in any capacity.

D. Illegal & Malicious Content

Content that is obtained illegally is forbidden on My CP & Me. As well as content that may be used to compromise the safety and secure of Website. Viruses and malicious content are prohibited in any capacity on My CP & Me serves.

II. Reporting Abuse

You May report abuse by going to the Report Abuse page. It is your duty and responsibility as a member of My CP & Me to help keep Services safe and secure for other members of Website

III. After Abuse Is Reported

After filing a report of abuse, we will consider the activities of the accused to determine if the report filed holds authenticity. To do this during the investigation the account belonging to the accused shall be suspended and the password reset allowing us to move about the account freely without interference, and gain full access to the account without giving access to the accused. All request by the accused for password reset to regain access will be denied for the duration of our (or law enforcement) investigation to prevent evidence tampering. The accused shall be notified by email of this occurrence. However, we practice anonymity, your identity will never be release to the accused by My CP & Me under any circumstances. Your identity shall only be revealed to law enforcement officials when/if it is necessary.

IV. Submitting A False Report

My CP & Me takes abuse very seriously. As such, submitting a false report is unacceptable. Doing so can and most likely will result in the termination of your account and possibly even the blocking of your Internet Protocol (IP) address to prevent further requests for registration.

V. Violating This Policy

Violation of this policy in its entirety (or any part thereof) is grounds for immediate termination of your account (and the content therein). In violating this policy, you relinquish the rights to your account (and the content therein) and authorize My CP & Me to terminate the account and content and if necessary (under the sole discretion of My CP & Me) you constitute that by violating this agreement we may block your Internet Protocol (IP) address to prevent further registration.

VI. Acceptance of This Policy

Your use of our Website or Services constitutes your acceptance for this policy in its entirety (or any part thereof) If you cannot agree to this policy you are not authorized to use My CP & Me Website or Services

VII. Changes and Amendments

My CP & Me reserves the right to alter this agreement in its entirety (or any part thereof) at any time. In doing so you shall be notified by email as well as a notice on website of the updated policy. Your continued use of Website or Services constitutes your agreement to such changes.

VIII. Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this policy please contact us via email: tre@mycpandme.com


This document was last updated on April 05, 2017